Facilities include a Fitness Center, Game Room, Woodworking Shop, Art Studio, & Children's Playground.

Craft Workshops

The Workshop offers space and equipment for creative pursuits. Membership is open to residents 18 years and older and includes a free locker. The Workshop is home to several active Craft Groups. Free WiFi is availible.

The Woodworking Group is fully equipped with an assortment of hand tools. Power tools such as a table saw, band saw, and drill press are available to those who can pass a safety class in power tool use.

The Art Group gathers to learn and practice drawing, painting, and other decorative arts and crafts.

The Ceramics Group enjoys a modern pottery studio with electric wheels, kilns, clay slab rollers, and other hand tools and equipment. The group meets every Tuesday evening, at which time instruction is available.

The Multimedia Group meets on the third Wednesday of each month to explore video production, photo editing, and other new and classic media subjects.